Lion’s Milk: Rakı is Aniseed Flavoured Drink

Have you met Raki (Lion’s Milk), one of the most exclusive beverages of Turkish cuisine? If you prefer alcoholic beverages, you will definitely need to try this drink. Because Raki, known as a traditional Turkish drinker, will meet you with a great experience.

Turkish Raki

Raki has an important place in Turkish cuisine. Often you can find this drink in friendly meetings and conversations. This is not funny to you. Because, the Turkish drink culture has also developed quite a bit. And Rakı is the main actor in this culture. Although Ayran as a Turkish national drink comes to mind more, Raki is ranked 2nd.

How to Drink Turkish Alcohol Raki

Raki, unlike other drinkers, is not an easy and light drink. You will probably put yourself under the fascination of this unique insider. And after a while you’ll be fascinated. If you are a drink enthusiast you will pass by yourself after 3 glasses and you will start a different life session.

Turkish Raki

Raki is not as easy to drink as it sounds. You will have to sip as you drink. It will not be a sensible move to drink all of a moment. Also, you should not drink Raki absolutely naïve. It will be crazy to try. One to three cups of free cup should be filled with raki and the remaining portion should be filled with water. Passing this rate can affect you quite negatively. It may not be a health problem, but it can help you to give up quickly.

Turkish Raki

Turkish Raki Culture and Etiquette

Often, Raki alone does not drink. It is consumed with a variety of foods called “Meze” or “nuts”. These may be fish or light snacks. With all the dishes and even at breakfast you can even see raki drinkers. Your choice is yours. If you want to experience this taste, you can choose cafés or bars.

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