Poyrazlar Lake

Poyrazlar Lake National Park
The area around the lake, which has a natural beauty, is used as a National Park. This park includes picnic areas, children’s play areas, docklands and camerals. Angling at Poyraz Lake is possible.

Lake Poyrazlar

Located on the border of Adapazarı district of central Sakarya, is one of the places to be seen with its magnificent view.


Lake Poyrazlar

But since the lake is so deep, it is forbidden to swim in the lake. The Poyrazlar Lake, which offers the most beautiful color of the blue in the greenery, is a place to be seen with its magnificent view. A lot of people flock here during the summer months. Especially because it is close to the city center, this situation increases the attractiveness of the lake more. If you want to have a nice day with your loved ones, you should definitely come here.

Lake Poyrazlar

Where is Poyrazlar Lake?

This lake is located 10 km from Adapazarı town center. Lake Poyrazlar, also known as Lake Teke, is located beside the Sakarya River.

Lake Poyrazlar

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