Kemer Holidays

Turkey’s holiday paradise Kemer is one of the most valuable districts of Antalya. This holiday village attracts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. It is possible to say that kemer holidays was influenced by many ancient civilizations. You can find traces of Ottoman and Seljuk civilizations as well as Greek and Roman civilizations.

Although Kemer is known as a holiday resort, it is a cultural center. Do not forget that you can also have a great holiday in this town where nightlife is so colorful. In Kemer, which resembles a complete paradise with its all aspects, you can participate in many activities unlimitedly. There are also dozens of different sports organizations, including rafting and surfing. This unique district, located 40 km from Antalya, is also very close to Alanya. And since many towns and villages are also within walking distance, you can also go on a boat tour whenever you like.

In Kemer, one of the most beautiful villages of the Mediterranean, you can have a great holiday and have a great experience. You can witness many different things in this unique touristic space exhibited by ancient Greek and Roman ruins. We especially recommend watching the sunrise scenario in the Mediterranean.

Kemer is home to two well known ancient cities like Phaselis and Olympos. You will have a pleasant time in this ancient city where you will witness many different living styles. There is definitely a place among the 10 places you should visit in Yanartas with a natural fire source in Kemer. Do not leave this city without visiting this place!

Adrasan beach is one of the best beaches in Kemer. This beach, which is a perfect place with clear water and wonderful surroundings, hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Beldibi Cave is one of the caves in this region, where people of ancient times lived.

You can reach the Tahtalı mountain with a cable car from Olympos and test your adrenalin level here.

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