Kelebekler Vadisi – Butterfly Valley

Perfect “Butterfly Valley” is a natural conservation area.

If there’s an area where Turkey is truly wonderful and attractive, those are the beaches. Mugla’s “Butterfly Valley” in Fethiye is described as the best beach in the country. To us, one of the best beaches in the world can be called.

Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley is located near the charming village of Faralya, which is only a short taxi ride away called “Dead Sea“, Ölü Deniz. This magnificent place of “Dogaana” takes you from the butterflies with different species circulating in the valley and accompanies you while enjoying the azure sea and the white beach.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, with a peaceful atmosphere and life away from credit card, is a point of entering the hippie class completely. Instead of glamorous bars and 7-star hotels, the service is an extraordinary, even somewhat contradictory place where you have tree houses and tents.

Butterfly Valley and the Sea.

If you say these are enough for me, get a night at the seaside and wake yourself up for a nature walk the same morning. You can be sure that your idea will change after you take it under the waterfalls.

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