Sakarya Karasu Coast

Located on the Karasu district border of Sakarya province, is the third of the world and the second longest in Turkey. This is a place you can not give up with sea, sand and entertainment centers. The coast length is about 20 km. The sand here is said to be recommended as a solution to many diseases. It is said to be a good place to heal some rheumatic diseases in particular.

Karasu Coast

Those who enter the sea here should pay some attention. Because the sea here is sometimes very fluctuating. Every year, many local and foreign tourists visit here. Leave yourself in the cool waters of the Black Sea in the summer heat. Here you can find everything you need. Despite the turbulent sea of Karasu Coast, many people flock here every year. The reason is that this beach is large and clean.

Where is Karasu Beach?

The Karasu Coast is located in the Yalı Quarter of the Karasu district of Sakarya.

How to get to Karasu Coast?

You can reach the Karasu Coast by signboard with your personal car. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the center of Sakarya to the Karasu district. The journey from Sakarya takes about 2 hours. Try to come here on weekdays because this weekend is very crowded. You may have difficulty finding a car park in particular.

Karasu Beach Accommodation & Nightlife

You will see lots of hotels and pensions along the coast in Karasu. There are also cottage houses for rent here. Before you come here, you can set up a place on the Internet according to your budget. You will not have any trouble in terms of accommodation. Nightlife is very colorful here and all the activities you want are presented to you unlimitedly. In the hotel bars you can enjoy yourself as much as you can with live music. Great fun here and there day and night will be waiting for you.

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