Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park, which is located in the area between Sarayburnu, Alay Mansion and Topkapi Palace, is considered as one of the first parks of Istanbul. This park is called Gülhane because it is a peace garden which is used as an outdoor garden in the Ottoman period and filled with roses.

But in fact, the park’s history dates back to much earlier times, and at the same time this park has witnessed many important things in history and has become a subject of many things.

Gülhane Park

History of Gülhane Park

Due to the Hagios Georgies Monastery and the Panagia Hodegetria Strait in this region, this area, which was also valuable during the Byzantine period, has been turned into walls by the conquest of Istanbul. And there are many events and festivals here.

This is used as an outdoor garden of the palace, Tanzimat Fermanı is read here at the same time. In addition, Mustafa Kemal introduces the Latin Letters here and takes the title of the head teacher here.

Today, with the latest innovations made in 2003, the park has gained a wonderful appearance. And it has become a place where history can be seen more closely. On sunny days, listening to birds and reading books on the grass, escaping from the crowds, resting under the centuries-old plane trees, going out to Sarayburnu and diving into the view of the Bosphorus is a wonderful experience.

Or it might be one of the most accurate addresses in Istanbul to sit for hours at Settei Tea Garden and drink urnal tea against the urn.

Gülhane Park

Where is the Gülhane Park?

Gülhane Park is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Cankurtaran Quarter. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the park takes a very large area of ​​163 acres between Sarayburnu, Alay Mansion and Topkapi Palace. The central location of the park is also very convenient.

Gülhane Park

How to get to Gülhane Park

To go to the Gülhane Park by tram, you can reach the park by a very short walk up and down the Gülhane Stop on the Kabatas-Bağcılar Tram Line.

To come to Marmaray and Gülhane Park, you can reach Sirkeci and go to the park again by taking a 5-10 minute walk or a tram stop.

Or, you can go to Eminönü or Karaköy by sea or bus and change to tram line from there.

Those who want to come to the park with their own vehicle will be healthier if they leave their car in foreign car parks in Sirkeci.

However, it is very difficult to find weekends in the tea garden. If you want to enjoy the scenery, you should go there on weekdays.

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