Istanbul Bosphorus Tour

Are you ready to view Istanbul from the sea? Istanbul Bosphorus Tour, which allows guests to see all the beauties of Istanbul from a different angle, is carried out both by boats of private companies and vehicles connected to City Lines. Boats for private tours usually begin their journey from central points such as Ortakoy, Kabatas, Besiktas, Avcılar, Arnavutkoy and Uskudar. The fact that the companies that organize tours have chosen Istanbul’s central districts as the starting point allows guests to use many options to reach the boats.

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour

How to make Istanbul Bosphorus Tour?

Istanbul Bosphorus tour is one of the best activities to feel the beauty of Istanbul, which is the only city on two continents, to enjoy the sea air, to watch the historical and natural beauties with pleasure. Bosphorus tours in Istanbul times of the company performs the Bosphorus tour and varies according to the route. The shortest throat tour starts from 1 hour 40 minutes, 2 hours, 6 hours, such as medium and long-term alternatives are available. You can join this tour alone. Just go to the point where the tour is made and buy a ticket. But you can also get paid support from professional guides.

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour Prices

The boats departing from both Anatolia and Europe are fully serviced on request, both short and long. On the yacht during the Bosphorus tour, birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal, engagement, graduation, Swimming Tour, wedding, breakfast, lunch or dinner, business dinner, bachelor’s Day celebrations and concept celebrations are held. The laser show, food-free and alcoholic and non-alcoholic invitations, recording or live music broadcasting and professional video and photo shooting requests are also welcomed. For the prices of these special services, you have to deal with the tour company.

Here are the Istanbul Bosphorus tour prices for 2019:

  • Long Tour (Roundtrip) 25,00 TRY
  • Long Tour (One Way) 15,00 TRY
  • Long Tour (under 12 years old) (Round trip) 12,50 TRY
  • Long Tour (under 12 years old) (One Way) 6,00 TRY
  • Short Tour 12,00 TRY
  • Short Tour(under 12 years) 6,00 TRY
  • Mehtap Tour 20,00 TRY
  • Long / Short Bosphorus Tour, Moonlight Tour (0-6 years) Free

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