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The most important factor in the increase of Ağva’s popularity is that it is close to Istanbul which is one of the most beautiful cities of the world and it has natural beauty. Besides, it has made it a more recognizable place to host several television series.

With its sandy beach, huts, cliffs and forest, Ağva has become an energy point where people from the city have installed positive energy for themselves.


Kilim Cove, Gelin Kayası and Hidden Lake are just a few of the places to be seen in Ağva.  This place became places of transition where many civilizations such as the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Romans and the Ottomans had choosen here.

It is possible to encounter the remains of history dating back to the seventh century, in villages around Ağva.


In the Kalem Village, church pieces and tombstones belonging to the Romans were found. Also in the Hacilli village, the human corpses found in the 3rd century have made this region attractive. Places like Gürlek Cave and Hisar Tepe are the most wondering historical regions of this region. The mountain mill in Sungurlu Quarter is an important find.

In Agva you can do water sports, trekking and hunting.

Very suitable for activities such as hiking, jogging, cycling and camping in the forest, Agva is an ideal area for those who want to cool off in the waters of the Black Sea in summer.


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