Top 10 Places You Can Do Cheap Holiday Turkey 2026

You want to have a pleasant holiday but your budget is not enough for this? Then we list for you, a wonderful place where you can browse for the appropriate budget-priced holiday in Turkey. Here are the holiday turkey 2023 exclusive locations we choose for you…

1. Didim, Aydın (Holiday Turkey 2023)
Nature's Paradise Didim

The village of Aydin on the coast of the Aegean Sea is known as a perfect holiday town in every sense with long sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, historical remains, year-round sunny weather.

Nature's Paradise Didim

Hotel prices are also at very reasonable levels in this holiday destination, where holidaymakers frequently flock. Do not miss this opportunity, go to Didim for a holiday, visit the remains of the world famous Apollon Temple, never forget the coolness of Altınkum, the most beautiful beach of Didim, and the madness of lively city bars!

2. Eskisehir
Holiday in Eskisehir

Eskişehir, a city that was once considered an ordinary city only on the Anatolian steppe, has been attracting attention with its historical Ottoman houses restored in Odunpazarı in recent years and landscaping works that do not resemble European cities. Besides this, it has become one of the most popular addresses of weekend tours with its sculptures and night life which is actuated by tens of thousands of students. There are plenty of students in this city, so of course the prices are also in student regulations…

3. Amasra, Bartın
Amasra Holiday Turkey

Although the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts first come to mind in terms of sea, sand and sun holidays, Amasra, a charming town in the Black Sea, is an important destination that draws attention with its beaches. Moreover, it is possible to find much more in Amasra than beaches. Historical Amasra houses with a history of 3000 years, green forests and architectural interest, as well as fish restaurants, are important points that make this region special. Amasra is very rich in terms of pension, the most crowded period of the summer months, it is useful to remind that the room rates are reasonable in many accommodation facilities.

4. Sığacık, Izmir
Sığacık - Izmir

Turkey’s first known as cittaslow Sigacik Seferihisar district, its unique architecture, it is one of the most preferred holiday destination with a market of organic products are sold and region-specific dishes. Besides, it is attracting great interest with affordable fish restaurants next to the harbor. Of course the pleasure of the sea on Teos Beach with its fine sand and shimmering water is one of the sights of Sigacik.

5. Gaziantep

Gaziantep, one of the most beautiful cities in Southeastern Anatolia, now has this area as one of the newest and most popular addresses of gourmet tours. After touring the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the largest mosaic museum in the world, you can taste the kebabs at Halil Usta or İmam Çağdaş, and the baklava at Koçak or Güllüoğlu. Do not hesitate because they are popular places and eat as much food as you want, because you will not believe how low your account is!

6. Gökçeada, Canakkale (Holiday Turkey 2023)
Holiday in Bozcada

Gökçeada, the biggest island of our country, is not as popular as its neighbor Bozcaada yet it is definitely a wonderland in terms of natural beauty. The villagers such as Zeytinli, Kaleköy and Tepeköy where the population of Greek origin is still a little still attract attention with their architects. The most popular beaches of coastline with more than 100 km are Yıldızköy Beach and Aydıncık (Kefalos) Beach preferred by windsurfers.

7. Foça, Izmir

Foça, one of the coastal provinces of Izmir, is home to many stone Greek houses such as Ayvalik and Alaçatı which are the popular towns of Aegean coast. But despite all these excellent features, this region is not well known. But we can see this as an advantage in terms of economic holidays. Because everything in Foça is much cheaper than other popular holiday resorts, from accommodation to cafes, fish restaurants and daily boat tours!

8. Avşa, Balıkesir
Balikesir - Ayvalik

Located in the Sea of Marmara, Avşa was known as one of the holiday villages most preferred by middle class Turkish families in the 1970s. But in recent years we can say that you are beginning to get a little forgotten. Tekirdag, Erdek and Istanbul are accessible by sea, the hills offering beautiful landscapes and a true paradise with the beautiful and beautiful valleys of Tavşanlı Cove, Cinar Cove and Yigitler Cove. Moreover, there is a moving night life. You can stay at cheap prices in Avşa accommodation, where you will find plenty of hostels and motels!

9. Akyaka, Muğla
Holiday Turkey 2019

Akyaka, connected to Muğla’s Ula district, is definitely one of the most beautiful tourist areas of the Gökova Gulf. Akyaka is notable for its azure beaches as well as its icy cold Azmak Creek and its unique architecture. Akyaka, which has become a kite-surf enthusiast in recent years, has become an attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. It is still possible to find rooms at affordable prices in hotels and pensions.
akyaka paragliding

10. Assos, Çanakkale
Holiday Turkey 2019

Assos, one of the most beautiful areas of the Northern Aegean, is a small taril town located in the Ayvacik district of Çanakkale, directly opposite the island of Mytilene in Greece. Assos, which has a long history, consists of two parts; a mountain village and a port. While there are more boutique hotels located in the old stone houses around the harbor and the surrounding area, Behramkale village which is located in the mountain has a lot of affordable pensions.

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