Holiday in Dalaman

Dalaman is known for its fertile plains of 117 square kilometers, which are the source of life for many people by raising many products within its borders, with its historical texture standing in the western part of the Mediterranean as a lace, blue and green embracing shores. Dalaman is also known for its wide range of forested areas, where people travel in peace, where many wild animals have the opportunity to be welcomed, and also the rows of mountains, which are decorated with many medicinal plants and pine and olive trees, and the hardwoods of the trees that grow in the rare places of the world.

Dalaman is a unique holiday village with its thermal springs which are rich in mineral waters and healing sources for many diseases, the air port from the world’s cups of our country, the Dalaman River which has a very excellent rafting route that gives life to the entire western Mediterranean and is named after all.

Holiday in Dalaman

Dalaman, which is a city of nature, sea and history, met with tourism with the arrival of the airport. It is known as a place where the beautiful coves Blue Voyage located in the peninsula of the Kapı mountain, which is located within the boundaries of the province, is frequented by the Blue Voyage.

Dalaman can be described as a virgin in terms of tourism. Because of its unique natural beauty, pearl-like koiler, historical riches waiting to be seen, cool and abundant water springs, handicrafts, traditions and customs and medicinal herbs have not been introduced to date.

Holiday in Dalaman

Tourism, which is activated together with the opening of Dalaman Airport, is gradually evolving and all of the above is evaluated one by one. Until 12 years ago, important steps have been taken in the field of tourism, although there are no hotels, motels, pensions, restaurants, tourism companies and touristic potential in the region.

The most important tourist services are the opening of tourist accommodation facilities, the construction of Sarıgerme road, the provision of land transportation of some coves, the service of shopping places for tourism in the region and the gain of mountain tourism.

Kapıdağ Half Island

This peninsula is the largest peninsula of the Western Mediterranean Region after Teke peninsula. This area is the part between Sarsala and Hurmali villagers. The Kapidagi, from the South Eastern Anatolia, the Taurus Mountains, which seemed to be escaping from the heat, They are covered with beautiful bays, noses and islands. There are rich historical remains on the steeply rising hills as they go inland.

Holiday in Dalaman


The rowers starting from the Hurmalı bay are; Gerenyata, Jemile, Göbün, Stairs, Kurşunlu, Hamam, Sarsala, Sıralıbük are the land. There are harbors used around here in the ancient times, still reminiscent of the remains. Sarsala, which was named by the ports, was reorganized and used by Hıdıvi. After 1983, roads to Sarsala, Kille and Boynuzbük were opened and road transportation was provided. All of the remains except for Kars, Kille and Boynuzbük are located in the Kapidak Peninsula. There is no road transportation yet. It is only possible to go by sea route. Kurşunlu, Göbün and Hamam villages are small businesses, pensions and restaurants for tourism.


Pig and Tersane Islands, which are in the best parts of Karaburun, are the islands of Dalaman. These islands, which are very close to each other, are the stopping places for the blue.

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