Fethiye is one of the most in-demand holiday destinations in Turkey. For Fethiye Turkey Holidays, you have many reasons to choose. Oludeniz, which attracts attention with its soft beach and clear sea, is a wonderful place where you will never get tired of swimming. This place, where you can swim for hours in a quiet and quiet environment and feel the sun in abundance on your skin, can be easily reached by minibuses or your own car from Fethiye Bus Station. Leaving Fethiye without seeing Oludeniz would be a big mistake.

Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

There are dozens of islands to be seen in Fethiye, which can offer quite a lot of opportunities for those who do not like swimming very much and want to visit the islands. You can also take breaks for a walk in some of the places where you can sunbathe on the boat and inhale the smell of the sea with the music playing. Yassica Island, Cleopatra Island, Kizil Island, Katranca Island, especially many other islands you can see by taking boat tours. With these tours, which take about 10 hours, you can get the chance to meet new people and see a lot of places in one day.The Valley of butterflies, which can be reached by using vans or by boat tours, can give you a taste of an adventure you have never experienced before. If you prefer transportation by minibus, you will first go down the village of Faralya by ropes, which will certainly add more excitement than a boat tour. In the restaurants located here, you can taste the flavors unique to Mugla cuisine and sign a day with plenty of photos. Kabak Bay is always a quiet place because transportation is difficult.

Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

There are also minibuses departing from the village of Faralya to the Bay where you will enjoy swimming and reading a lot. This is the only place to enjoy the pleasure of going to the sea at sunrise in the morning, accompanied by the bright stars in the evening.We would also like to remind you that there is a wide range of adrenaline activities among Fethiye Turkey holidays.

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