Famous Kuzuluk Hot Springs in Sakarya

This area is preferred by its close proximity to Istanbul, especially its thermal facilities and nature.
This is an attractive place, surrounded by forests and mountains, and unspoiled nature.

Famous Kuzuluk Hot Springs in Sakarya

Kuzuluk Kaplıcaları (SPA)

This is an important thermal center since the Seljuk period. The treatment characteristics identified by the Ministry of Health are as follows:

Physician-controlled bathing, in chronic periods of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (primarily rheumatoid, arthritis, ankylosis, spondylitis); chronic back pain, non-inflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis; for the treatment of diseases such as cerebral palsy in chronic period selected neurological disorders in orthopedic operations, long term immobilization conditions such as after orthopedic operations, brain and neurosurgery, as a complementary treatment element in the treatment of soft tissue diseases such as myositis, tendonitis, trauma, fibromyalgia syndrome, stress disorder can be used as an adjunct to complementary therapy in general stress disorders and sports injuries such as neurovegetative dystonia examples.

Famous Kuzuluk Hot Springs in Sakarya

Other diseases treated
Orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation of accident results
In the treatment of gastric, intestinal, liver and biliary diseases and chronic inflammation
To speed up blood circulation
Treatment of urinary tract and gynecological diseases
Treatment of skin and skin diseases
Treatment of nervous system disorders and respiratory tract diseases
In the treatment of childhood and some pediatric diseases
Calcification and fracture treatment
Treatment of overweight and kidney stones
Treatment of all kinds of rheumatic diseases

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This is an excellent area between Alaağaç and Kuzuluk. It has been targeted to treasure seekers because of its legendary nature.

You can reach the mountain skirts 2 km away from Kuzuluk with your car. From there you can continue on the pedestrian paths and you can see clearly the bird’s eye view of all the Kuzuluk and Akyazı regions on the summit. There are also 2 caves and some historical stones in the mountain.

Famous Kuzuluk Hot Springs in Sakarya

Keremali Mountain is one of the most important trekking and hiking trails. You can watch the Sakarya ovary from high altitude alone.

It is a great privilege for you to travel  7 kilometers of descending route from Sakar Pass which started at the 15th kilometer of Muğla-Marmaris road. The view of Mountain and the Gulf of Gökova is truly dizzying. There are parking spaces on the roadside for views. Take your car to the side and dive into the dreams. The gulf is often in fog and offers a more imaginative landscape.

Famous Kuzuluk Hot Springs in Sakarya

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