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Hello friends, in today’s article we will introduce you to Aydin which is one of the most popular cities of the Aegean Region and Didim Travel, one of the most beautiful districts of this city. Recently, Didim, which has developed rapidly and is one of the few tourism lands of the world, has begun to attract more attention.

It has become one of the best destinations for tourism with its wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters and flat areas. It is expected that the rate of tourism will increase further with the yacht harbor which is 600 yacht capacity which started to be built recently.

Didim Travel History and Archeology

Didim is a touristic district of Aydın. To the east is the Muğla provincial border and Güllük Gulf. It is also a peninsula bounded by the Aegean Sea in the west and the Bosphorus and the Menderes River in the north. The surface area is 402 km. According to the results of the 2000 Population Census, there are 37.395 people living in the province, 3 municipalities and 5 villages.

The first settlement traces of the district of Didim extend to the Neolithic Circuit (8000 BC). B.C. In the 16th century, the presence of the Mycenaean, Crete, and later the Aka Colonies is seen here. After the Persians, Romans and Byzantines, after the war of 1071 Malazgirt, the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks. After the 1st Crusades, it passed again to Byzantium. After 1261, the establishment of Menteşe Principality in Karia took Didim Travel and its surroundings into this mentality.

The settled population in Didim was established as a Mycenaean colony in the Neolithic Period and later on, M. Ö. It goes to Crete in the 16th century. After that, this region is as follows; After the Persians, the Seleucid Empire, the Attalid Dynasty, the Romans, and the Byzantines, the Turks disappeared by defeating the Byzantines in the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071. After passing by Byzantine control in 1098, Menteşe in 1280 first, followed by Aydınoğlu Beylik in 1300, and in 1413 by 1.Mehmet in the Ottoman Empire.

Beyond Miletos, in the south of Ionia is the Temple of Apollo in Didyma, which is described as the most impressive independent monument of Western Anatolian coasts. This is considered one of the most important centers of knowledge and prophecy of the time. It is admirable that the temple is preserved in a very good condition as well as its monumental dimensions and unique plan. Established in Samsun Mountain, Priene is an important ancient city in the city.

When you enter the city, on the right side there are three cisterns that meet the water needs of the city. A little further, here are the temples of Egyptian gods. The building, which is one of the oldest known theaters, is also here and has a capacity of 5000 people. The Byzantine Church next to the theater is also a must see. Since there are a lot of historical sites in Didim, it is necessary to take a long time to visit all of you. Moreover, it is not just full of history. It also has great beaches, the first being Altinkum Beach. There are many Didim hotels and pensions around this beach where holidaymakers flocked in summer with shallow and clear sea.


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