Dara Ancient City, Mardin

Mardin, which glows like a necklace, where the lights of Syria are visible, is considered to be a city where the entire field of the city is selected along with Venice in the world. With its history and architecture, all civilizations passing through Anatolia, Mardin can be defined as a true cultural heritage and a unique open-air museum, with its mosques and monuments, churches and monasteries, historical houses, monuments and madrasah (muslim seminary).

Mardin is a spectacular city with stone houses, door knockers, fountains, ruins, cosmopolitan culture, more than 1000 years of history, warm-blooded people, Mırra Coffee (Special coffee)  and telkâri (some special accessorries). The ancient city of Dara, located on the Silk Road and known as the Ephesus of Mesopotamia in ancient sources, is a very special region that reflects the history of Mardin’s thousands of years.

Dara Ancient City, Mardin

One of the most important settlements of Upper Mesopotamia in history, Dara Ancient City was established as a military garrison town in the 6th century to protect the eastern border of the Eastern Roman Empire against Sasan. The archaeological archaeological excavations reveal the remains of the world’s first water dam, spreading over a very wide area.

Places to Visit in Mardin Dara Antique City

Although it is reported that the origin of the ancient city, which is surrounded by 4 km of ramparts with structures cut into the rock, comes from the 3rd Darius of Persia, it is not exactly known what the city means and who was founded in time. It is known that Dara, founded on the limestone bedrock and witnessing the struggle of the Romans and Persians, was under the Arabian invasion in the 7th century and Ottoman dominance in the 15th century.

Dara Ancient City, Mardin

Dara Ancient City, a magnificent history and cultural treasure, is located near Nusaybin. This was known as one of the most active modern and beautiful cities of his time. You can reward yourself by visiting this ancient city, which makes a journey towards rich history in Mardin. The best time to visit Dara, which you can visit with the guidance of Mardinian children, is the spring months. As impressive as the ancient city of Ephesus, yet 70% of Dara is under the ground.

Dara Ancient City is located in Oğuz Village, 30 km from Mardin city center, in the southeast of Mardin. Approximately 8 km north of the Mardin-Nusaybin highway to Dara, which is located at the place where the Mesopotamian Plain and Tur Abdin Mountains meet, is reached by going in for 10 km from Oğuz Village.

Many of the remnants of Dara Antique City, which had been waiting for a long time before with its magical atmosphere in Mardin, are exhibited in Mardin Museum. After touring Dara, you should definitely see Midyat and Hasankeyf as you wander through the narrow streets of Mardin’s cobblestone streets and drink your harbors against Mesopotamia.

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