The Beykoz Koru – Beykoz Bark

The Beykoz Koru is an area that has been known since ancient times, but has become a very popular place in recent times. The Beykoz Koru ( Beykoz Bark ) is a very long and wide area, making it a very pleasant place for people to get away from the city complex.

It is known as the Abraham Pasha Corps, which is being visited by more and more people every day.

Information About Beykoz Koru

Another name for Beykoz Korusu is Abraham Pasha Koru (Bark). It was named Abraham Pasha, also known as the grandson of Erem Amira, who lived in 1833-1918. Today, it is still being referred to as Beykoz Korusu. Abraham Pasha, a close friend of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz at the time, won this place after winning a chess game played by two of them.

The Beykoz Koru - Beykoz Bark

Beykoz Koru, enriched by French garden architects, continues to serve visitors with its promenade area which has a very wide area. Visitors can have a picnic with their loved ones and their families, while at the same time they can visit the cafes and restaurants located in the grove and have a good time. You can have a good time with this nice place with the İBB Beykoz Social Facilities.

Breakfast in Beykoz Koru (Bark)

There are different cafes and restaurants within the Beykoz Koru, where the weather gets better and the people show great concentration on weekends. Visitors can make breakfasts that are suitable for their own tastes in these cafés, so that they can enjoy the most enjoyable time.

The Beykoz Koru - Beykoz Bark

Where is Beykoz Bark and How do I Get here?

Located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, this protected area has an area of ​​approximately 150,000 square meters. Beykoz Koru (Beykoz Bark), where people go with great pleasure, is very popular with its location. If you follow the path to Beykoz-Paşabahçe, you can reach this village. At the same time, private boat trips between İstinye and Paşabahçe can also be visited.

Eminönü, Kabataş and Besiktas ferries can also used to go to the Beykoz Bark. Those who want to go to a park with this unique beauty and have a good time can use the various transport facilities belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It is very easy to reach this forest with all kinds of transportation vehicles going to Beykoz direction.

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