Amazing Turkish Drinks You Have to Try

If you are planning an excellent visit to Turkey in all respects, we would like to give you great tips. In our previous articles, we explained where to visit in Turkey and what to do. And we also looked at all kinds of dishes and the most exquisite flavors of Turkish cuisine. In this post we will be talking about wonderful Turkish drinks. Because if you come to Turkey, we can say that you are welcome to the paradise of eating and drinking. Then we can look at the drinks that are waiting for you in this Heaven. Here are great drinks.

Şalgam (“Turnip”)

This unique drink made with purple carrots is one of the traditional beverages of Turkey. Especially Hatay, Adana and Mersin, this great drink identified with the cities is both cheap and quite delicious. You can determine the level of pepper. There is a separate container for this. And you will be asked how much hot pepper is. Served with large glasses. And you will notice that it is a very delicious taste.



You can find this drink in every country. But drinking lemonade in Turkey is a great privilege. Because there is no other country that makes this taste better that will excite you with its wonderful flavor. Many foreign tourists prefer this country only for Turkish lemonade.



This drink can come to you like a slightly different flavor. But believe me, it will be both delicious and very useful. Especially in the winter months you can drink. This excellent flavor will be good for you when you are sick.


Şerbet (“Sherbet”)

If you have tried Sherbet, one of the most important figures of the Ottoman era, try it now. Şerbet, which has dozens of different flavors, will offer you a great taste.



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