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Amasra is located 17 kilometers north of Bartin province. Amasra, built on the Black Sea shoreline and scattered peaks, where every ton of green comes together, is a charming port city of historical tourism. It is a small intermediate port between Zonguldak province and Cide district of Kastamonu.

Amasra Tatil Türkiye

The vast majority of settlements are concentrated in the city center. Historical houses have created another date with the buildings inside the castle. The number of wooden structures in the city is decreasing day by day. When new buildings are built, necessary licenses are given considering the surrounding archeological and natural site area.

Amasra Tatil Türkiye

The history of Amasra is very ancient. And this increases the importance of old structures even more. With this feature, this city is the city of nostalgia for those who want to live in the full sense of history. History and natural beauties are intertwined. Amasra harbor has been brought to a state where passenger ships and yachts can comfortably stay with the new environmental regulations made in recent years.

Amasra Tatil Türkiye

Transportation situation, the distance to the center of Bartin province is 17km. Amasra Bartın is 10 nautical miles by sea. Bartın highway and inner areas are connected to the shore by sea. It is possible to find means at any time to go to the desired place.

Holiday in amasra

Due to all these historical and natural features, Amasra is an ideal holiday destination and it is a quiet and peaceful holiday destination.

Amasra Beach

Amasra Tatil Türkiye

The Black Sea coast is thus seen in Amasra and the mid-belt climate, which receives almost rainfall in all seasons. Precipitation generally increases even in spring and winter.

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