Akyaka Tourism Places

It is a great privilege for you to travel  7 kilometers of descending route from Sakar Pass which started at the 15th kilometer of MuğlaMarmaris road. The view of Mountain and the Gulf of Gökova is truly dizzying. There are parking spaces on the roadside for views. Take your car to the side and dive into the dreams. The gulf is often in fog and offers a more imaginative landscape.

This bendy road leaves to Akyaka when he goes down to the oven. You turn right and enter Akyaka through the pines.

if you go into the city center of Akyaka and turn left into the forest area, you will approach the beach. The sea is a bit blurry because it is shallow and wavy. This is where Azmak meets the sea. İf you wish you can go to Azmak by boat and you can watch huge freshwater fish in clear water

Akyaka Tourism Places

Near the city center you will see a lush pine forest. There is a restaurant in camp and picnic area organized by General Directorate of Forestry. There are also bungalows to host. You have to go further to get into the sea from the small cottage huts hidden by the forest. You can reach this lodge by renting a boat from Akyaka or by walking.


Akyaka offers many opportunities for nature sports to its admirers with its advantage brought by its location and geography. There are a few activities that can be done in Akyaka every season.

Windsurf – Windsurfing

The zone is closed to all motorized water sports, providing a safe place for surfers. From May to November, there is weather in this area where you can enjoy surfing at all levels. For beginners, the closed part of the zone is very safe. The school’s specialty is education for young people.

Akyaka Windsurfing

Rock Climbing

Especially on the rocks just above the Çınar Beach, the 7 courses at different levels opened against the beautiful scenery are very suitable for beginners as well as those who want to improve themselves. All materials are provided by Gökova Rüzgar. In Akyaka 12 months of the year you can find the suitable environment for this sport.

akyaka rock climbing

Rafting – River Canos

It is enough to catch the service at 9 am in order to join the day tour in the exciting rafting trail of the Dalaman Stream 45 km away from Akyaka. When you return to Akyaka in the evening 6, you will not believe that you have lived that day. Tours are held every day from May to November.

akyaka rafting


You can use it to take off the slope next to the watchtower, which is located at the top of the slope to the right. October, November, April and May are months, the winds are the least and the thermal days are the most enjoyable months. Austrian and French slope paratroopers stay in Akyaka every year for at least a week and enjoy the pleasure of Gökova.

akyaka paragliding


Sailing in Akyaka, where constant and strong winds are cooling off between May and November, is a privilege. It is possible to take both training and day-to-day Gökova tours with the school’s various lasers.

akyaka boat tour

akyaka sail tour

Canyon Passage

It is also an interesting and fun activity for those who want to get rid of the overwhelming heat of summer. It is necessary to walk, swim, jump from the waterfalls and make a descent to cross the 6-kilometer park of Toparlar Canyon, 30 km from Akyaka. To participate in canyon tours, you need to know how to swim and love some action.

akyaka canyon passage

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