Acarlar Lagaoons (Longoz)

Acarlar Lagaoons (Longoz) is known as the biggest lagoons of our country in its entirety. This is a shoreline set as a form of formation. The region that you are naturally curious will really be a great holiday destination for you. The Lagons mean the forest that is submerged in water. Acarlar Longoz is also known as the biggest Lagaoons in the world. But some individuals also claim that this is the second largest Lagaoons. In this type of places, too many animals live in longose. With the feature, too many fish live in the region. At the same time, there is a lot of water and the vegetation cover is growing too much. Lagaoons is a wonderful nature. You can make a great holiday around this area. If you are in the area that will be an ideal resting place, you can make a holiday with your family and you alone.

Acarlar LagaoonsThis natural wonder is protected by the Ministry of Environment today and at the same time it is being tried to introduce to people in terms of tourism. There is a 600-meter walkway around Lagoons. In this way only the voices of trees and birds are heard. At the same time, it is possible to feed the ducks that keep their lives here at noon. Entrances to Lagoons are free. At the same time, they can rent a small wooden barbecue by bringing their own meat on their side. Afterwards, you can sit and rest a little on a small pier. Lagoons regularly organizes boat trips every year. You can take part in these boat tours.

Acarlar Lagaoons

Where are Acarlar Longoz (Lagoons) and How to Go Here?

Acarlar is located in Longozu, Sakarya. Longoz, Karasu and Kaynarca are located in the middle of the counties. The distance to Longozun Black Sea is approximately 700 meters. You can come and visit here with your car. You can also take bus tickets from various tourism companies and reach Sakarya. You can then reach the lagoons with various minibuses from the villagers around the zone. Most tourists prefer to come to the region with their own vehicle.

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